We are BGC…Bringing People Together, Growing Churches, and Changing Communities! 

​                                                                                                      ~ Acts 1:8; Matthew 9:35-38; Mark 10:13-16

​​Baptist General Convention of Virginia

Men's Ministry

Did You Know?

Organized in 1978, the Men's Ministry emphasizes the development of active and courageous male fellowships in all constituent churches.


1. To provide an organization through which a Christian men’s fellowship may develop, grow and be promulgated.

2. To develop a dedication among men to give of their time, talents and treasury to building God’s Kingdom here on earth.

3. To provide a fellowship and specialized training for men to increase their awareness of, participation in, and support of the mission and ministry of Christ through the Baptist General Convention of Virginia and its affiliates.

4. To assist in the development of local men fellowships within individual congregations in order to strengthen the church and its leadership and to enlist men for active Christian service; thus, developing within them an understanding of the Christian faith and doctrine.

5. To foster and engage in projects and activities that will seek to improve the plight of the African-American male in the 21st Century.


     • Local and Regional Workshops

     • Statewide Retreats

     • Assistance in Coordinating Activities

     • Speaking Engagements

     • Assistance in Organizing Men’s Ministry

     • Regional Representatives

     • Worship, Fellowship, and Service Opportunities


Men’s Ministry