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​                                                                                                        ~ Act 1:8; Matthew 9:35-38; Mark 10:13-16

​​Baptist General Convention of Virginia

1801 Mansion Avenue Triumphant Baptist Church

L. V. Robertson-Goodwein, Ed. D., Th. D., D. D., Pastor

(804) 386-9090

Pastor Robertson-Goodwein and the Official Board  of 1801 Mansion Avenue Triumphant Baptist Church in Richmond, VA are extending worship space and time for churches needing a location during the following days:

  • Sundays - 8 to 10 AM, 1 to 3 PM, and/or 3:15 PM to Flexible
  • Saturdays - Flexible

Call (804) 386-9090 for more information.




9 AM - 5 PM | Monday - Friday


(804) 228-2421

(804) 228-1040


(804) 228-1998

We are the Baptist General Convention of Virginia (BGCVA)

We are a Convention that is a conduit for effective ministry in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Through a multitude of challenging, cutting edge, customized teaching and learning events, BGCVA empowers over 1077 rural, suburban, and urban congregations and 28 associations to be involved in worship, fellowship, stewardship, evangelism, missions and discipleship.